I don’t believe it’s an overstatement to say that meeting Nevo has had a profound effect!

About 6 months ago, When we arranged for her to come to my home for a colour and style consultation I must admit I was a touch sceptical, my black wardrobe (and low body confidence) was just fine as it was! However Nevo is warm and funny, she took time over the whole affair and answered all of my daft questions. Nevo’s consultation was thorough and a few days later she furnished me with a useful and comprehensive style guide, to which I now refer regularly. The swatch I ordered is invaluable and is a constant in my handbag (SO useful when impulse shopping).

I now have lots of colour (new favourite is turquoise!) in my wardrobe and a whole new pallet of makeup (much to Nevo’s relief!). I can honestly say that over the last 6 months I feel better and more confident about my appearance and the knock on effects both at work and socially are palpable.
Thank you Nevo!!