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shutterstock_298036736“Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.” – Christian Dior

Personal grooming is not vanity. We need to present our best possible selves, poor grooming gives the impression that we don’t care about ourselves.

Examples of poor grooming.

Face – skin (dry patches, overgrown eyebrows/mono-brows, facial hair on ladies or make up not applied properly. For men – some of the above plus unkempt beard.

Teeth – not flossing, stained, tartar build up etc.

Hair – unkempt, unflattering haircut, bad condition such as split ends, uneven ends or dry hair / tardy hairlines. This applies to both sexes.

Nails – bitten, chipped nail varnish, over grown cuticles/nails or even unflattering nail varnish!

Body – dry skin, not exfoliating or having a pedicure to remove callouses (I say hooves!).

Examples of good grooming

Face is cleansed morning and night and moisturised. Skin is exfoliated once or twice weekly (both sexes).

Teeth are clean and free of build up. See a dental hygienist every six months.

Make up is applied properly using well matched foundation if you’re going to wear any, to avoid looking like you have a mask on.

It should be appropriate for the occasion (day/night, heavy or light depending on your taste).

Hair is very well maintained – regular trims, treatment whether long or short and roots are retouched if hair is dyed or relaxed.

Well dressed – make it personal but tidy for example, no lose threads (unless it’s a fashion thing), clothes are ironed, shoes polished and heels in good condition.

Create the right image … a personalised service without breaking the bank!