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Wardrobe Advice

iStock_000024698777_150Image matters. We may pretend that it doesn’t, that we look for the person within but, deep down, we all know that we base our first snap decisions about a person on their personal appearance. That’s why it’s important to make the best of yourself, to find the image that rightly portrays who you are.

If you think an image consultant will take over your life, advising you to wear outfits that don’t suit your personality, outfits that ‘aren’t you,’ think again. A good image consultant will do the very opposite. She will listen to your concerns about your body, listen to what you say about your lifestyle and review your wardrobe, make up and hairstyle accordingly, to help you find a style that always brings out the best in you, whether you’re meeting friends for a relaxed coffee, pitching to clients, or going to lunch with your new in-laws.

Creating a co-ordinated wardrobe, made up of a few select, versatile items that can be mixed and matched to take you from morning to evening and from client lunches to romantic dinners, needn’t strain your budget. I will work within your means to update your wardrobe so that whatever the occasion, you will always be able to put together the perfect outfit.

A little goes a long way – Completing your look
Good accessories, make up and hair, are the finishing touches to any outfit. Badly fitting shoes that throw your posture out of line, or a necklace that dazzles and distracts from your overall appearance can ruin an otherwise perfect ensemble. It is worth spending a little more on a good quality classic pair of shoes, or handbag that will last for years.

Men, I’m talking to you too
If you’re one of those men who doesn’t like shopping, then let me do the work for you. I can help you find more stylish suits that complement your silhouette, ties that bring a bit of colour to your pinstripe, the right spectacles that flatter the shape of your face, or a gorgeous pair of cuff-links that show you have an eye for detail.

Please contact me to find out about these and other NevoConcept services.

Create the right image … a personalised service without breaking the bank!